Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Pink And The Lily - Sandi Thom

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It's easy to mock Sandi Thom. I should know, I've done it enough.

But really, was it her fault she was hyped to buggery over the "webcast" thing? Probably not, and it's worth noting that the majority of people who objected to her success on that score will all be fans of other artists who have come to prominence on similar levels of promotion.

Of course none of this makes up for Punk Rocker, one of the worst songs in living memory to have got anywhere near the top of the charts and it is fair to say that Thom has little that stands her out from the pack.

But what she does, she does to reasonable effect. Pleasant enough, without ever really threatening to become a vital listen, Thom does at least have an ear for a melody and certainly has a voice that is better than her detractors would give her credit for.

In the form of Devil's Beat she has at least one good song, but sadly there's nothing on her second album that matches up to that one. Too often, the album is lyrically laughable (and that's most certainly not the intention) and really there's little here that you would seek out for a second listen.

But really, in terms of the dross that is out there, Thom is by no means the anti-Christ some would have you believe. After all, banal lyrics set to pleasant tunes haven't done Coldplay any harm have they?

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