Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fire Songs - The Watson Twins

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Two years on, I still don't know which one of the Watson Twins it was that I met properly. But in a way, that just makes it all the more "hilario" doesn't it?

Anyway, now that Jenny Lewis has gone back to Rilo Kiley, it's finally time for the Twins to properly step into the spotlight, with Fire Songs, their debut album. Their collaboration with Lewis on Rabbit Fur Coat (an album which no less an authority than my father said was "morbid beyond belief") led to a certain amount of expectation for their full-length debut but it was also difficult to gauge just what an impact they could have on their own.

At first, the overriding impression is one that they are better suited to backing singers than front women. For the first couple of songs, at least, they are in danger of fading into the background of their own songs; not a good sign.

But things do start to pick up with their cover of The Cure's Just Like Heaven and from that point on there are more hits than misses. Map To Where You Are is a slinky number, which to me sounds like it's from the soundtrack of some spaghetti western (I mean that in a good way), Sky Open Up is an atmospheric belter and Bar Woman Blues may sound like a typical MOR 1970's throwback...but bloody hell it's a good MOR 1970's throwback.

I think the criticism that The Watson Twins at times get lost on their own record is, sadly, a fair one in parts and there's nothing on here that matches up to the best cuts on their record with Jenny Lewis, but it remains a very promising debut and certainly leaves you hoping that you haven't heard the last of the Watson Twins.

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