Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Waves & Both Of Us - Charlotte Sometimes

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If you were sat at home this morning thinking "what I really need to hear is an American Amy Studt" then I may have found the artist just for you.

20-year-old Jesse Poland is a young and talented singer-songwriter who will no doubt in a good few years time regale us of how she didn't really want to go the "all out pop" route that personified her debut album. Which is a pity in some ways because, like Studt's False Smiles, whilst The Waves & Both Of Us isn't packed with wall to wall stunners, it's an accomplished, and occasionally really rather good, album.

Pick of the bunch are AEIOU, a slinky little number with a ridiculously catchy chorus and funny lyrics (it's her version of Misfit, but even better), In Your Apartment (which draws me in, anyway, with its brass backing - this must be brass band week here at The Music Room) and Sweet Valium High, which is the kind of thing that Lily Allen would kill for on her upcoming second album.

Occasionally the production is just a little too glossy for it's own good, as if somebody somewhere wants to knock out every bit of individualism out of her and there are some ordinary songs to endure, but when it's right, it's bang on.

In years gone by, this would have been regarded as a great starting point for a pop career; in the 21st Century it's probably not going to sell enough and she'll be dumped by her record label as result. But such is the price we pay for "progress" right?

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