Friday, May 20, 2005

Girls Aloud LIVE

Well the finest girl group since the Spice Girls finally made it on tour, but would it be worth the wait...? The answer is a resounding YES!!!

Quite frankly this was a superior pop show, even better than last year's classic Sugababes effort, and was one hell of a spectacle. The Girls ran through all their hits, the highlights being The Show, Wake Me Up and Jump, and threw in some tasty album tracks such as the delightful Grafitti My Soul for good measure. Toss in a wonderfully bizarre cover of Wheatus' Teenage Dirtbag and you have all the makings of a great night.

The girls can all sing, and even Nadine seems to be able to dance to a certain degree these days and the energy level never drops. Hell I was even singing away at the top of my voice to I'll Stand By You, which quite frankly is an abomination on record, but seemed top notch crew live.

My only minor gripe would be that once the music stopped, not much of the girl's personalites shone through although as the show progressed all five seemed to be really enjoying themselves, which is half the battle isn't it? The costume changes were well timed, and certainly got the Dean's seal of approval, and showed that really, all five of the lasses are lovely. Although Nadine is still far away my favourite. I mean come on...those legs :D

So to paraphrase my own good self, this was book of the dick, and one of the most "fun" concert nights I've ever had the pleasure of. Roll on next week!!! :D

Finally, apologies to that woman sat next to me (although try as she might to put on a stern face at our group's antics she couldn't help laughing along with us) and if that woman sat in front of me is reading this, please get in touch. I imagine you'd be very good at...erm...well you know ;)

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