Saturday, May 28, 2005

Girls Aloud LIVE

Oh my god. What on earth can be said about this? I mean come on guys...FRONT ROW!!! :D I have to say that this was one of the greatest concerts nights in my entire concert going history. It kicked off in grand fashion with us actually being sat next to Nicola's family, and for once, Gee's "she looks like a famous person" routine was actually bob on. It was her birthday and we all sang happy birthday to her as well... awww!

The concert itself was just bloody brilliant. You know sometimes you are disappointed when you see a celebrity close up and realise they are not that fit...well that didn't happen here. I'm telling you, I am more in love with Nadine than ever. She is quite simply sex on legs. And she'd even ditched the tousled hair she had at Manchester for my much preferred straighter version. Thanks love. Also thanks for the flash of your knickers during the school-girl bit.

Tweedy had me in stitches throughout with her gurning, and some of the "acting" the girls did (especially during Teenage Dirtbag) was absolutely hilarious as well. Kimberley has such a cute arse that's its almost untrue, and that slit dress that Nicola had on during the ballad portion of the evening almost left us with the sight of her *CENSORED* i'm sure. In a plus for the Gee, Sarah spent what must have been at least 60% of the show right in front of him.

To me this cemented their place as the finest girl pop group EVER. In the flesh all five are quite simply "feet as fook" and I genuinely mean that. And the songs are bloody excellent too. Quite frankly, I love everything about them. Yes, even when they do an off-the-cuff version of "Where Is The Love" I love them. And you really can't get any more of glowing reference than that! :D

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