Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fun Lovin Criminals LIVE

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Once again it was time for the Huey roadshow to hit the town. An hellacious drive to Liverpool (thanks to the football international) momentarily dampened spirits, but then a pub with a supply of Magners was found and it is a well known fact that that is a drink that cures all known ills.

Onto the venue, which had rather confusingly changed it's point of entry, and the immediate shock was that the previously roomy Liverpool Academy 1 was half cordoned off, no doubt down to poor advance ticket slaes one must suspect. But little things like that make no difference once the FLC get on the stage.

As ever Huey was coolness personified as FLC rattled through most of their big hits. The highlights of the set included Mi Corazon (a "romantic" song about a woman, Huey admitted, who couldn't stand the sight of him), Loco and, of course the classic songs from the FLC cannon Scooby Snacks and, for the finale, The Fun Lovin' Criminal. Unexpected bonuses came from Ben E.King and Led Zepplin covers which were better than you might expect.

As ever Huey was on top form inbetween the songs and as ever, anything he does is watchable. Like the Editors concert, this was pretty much the same songs I'd alread seen FLC do live, but in a marked contrast to that experience, the extended FLC back-catalogue and Huey's all-round showmanship made this yet another unforgettable FLC experience.

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