Thursday, January 04, 2007

Arse-ends of 2006 round up

There were some CD's I bought towards the end of the year 2006 that didn't get reviewed. That was either because a) I forgot, b) couldn't be bothered, c) had bought them as Christmas presents for other people or d) had already done my year end lists and didn't want to complicate matters further.

So here, just for your delectation, is a little round up.

The killer is back, with his first album in quite a while. They were hyping this up way back in 2004 when I saw The Killer live leading me to suspect they were leaving this for when he popped his clogs. Well as the title attests, Jerry Lee is still with us...and he's ALMOST as hot as ever. I could do without some of the duets I must say (seriously, I have no desire whatsoever to listen to anything Kid Rock is on), but when the album hits the spot, it's great. Just remember that this isn't so much a duet's album, more of a Jerry Lee Lewis album with a few guests, such is his control of the proceedings. ALL HAIL THE KILLER.

It's not quite the complete overhaul of the Beatles cannon that some early stories had led us to believe but, whisper it quietly, it may be the best Beatles single disc collection you can lay your hands on. There is the slight twinge that you aren't getting the full experience without the Cirque Du Soleil production, but don't let that put you off. If you like The Beatles, then you need this in your collection.

Nelson hooks up with Ryan Adams for this one. And the result is pretty much something you would expect a Ryan Adams helmed Willie Nelson album to sound like. I kinda liked it, but not enough to be able to wholeheartedly recommend it.

If you want a Take That shorn of all their 90's exuberance and a Take That that have been paying close attention to Coldplay then this may be for you. It's not a terrible record, and there are genuine "moments" such as lead single Patience and Mancunian Way. Of course despite selling about 312 times more copies, it has but the merest touch of the wayward borderline brilliance that Robbie's Rudebox album has...but that's life I suppose.

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