Monday, January 29, 2007

Single Releases 29/01/07

Occasionally something comes out of the blue and absolutely surprises you. This week is one of those occasions. I don't like Fall Out Boy. To be honest, I think they are more than a bit crap. However this does not change the fact that This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race is a bloody brilliant song. Yes, it may sound ever so much like a Backstreet Boys song and yes, it may be all faintly ridiculous, but its catchy and a whole lotta fun.

Of course things are quickly brought down to earth courtesy of Bowling For Soup. Is there a worse band with a major label deal knocking about today? If there is I'd be surprised.

Apparently it's only today that the actual PHYSICAL version of Mika's Grace Kelly hits the shops. Oh this crazy world that we live in huh? Basically this is the Scissor Sisters but, almost unbelievably, even more gay. It's catchy without ever being really likable. If I had one piece of advice of Mika it would be to make the most of his success whilst he can. It's not going to last.

Lady Sovereign releases Love Me Or Hate Me this week and the title pretty much sums the single, and indeed the lady herself, up. I happen to love her, but can see quite clearly why people wouldn't. Each to their own and all that.

Speaking of my "tips" for 2007, The Little Ones release Oh MJ! this week. Gloriously bright and breezy, check this out now before either A) they break HUGE or B) my tipping of them as stars of 2007 sees them sink without trace. I'm feeling lucky though, and am going for option A.

Josh Groban is the kind of artist that could only come out of America. For the simple reason that his songs will always remind me of New York I will not completely rage against him, but February Song is exactly the kind of song you would expect him to come up with. You'll know without even hearing it whether or not it's going to be your particular cup of tea.

Whether a whole album of the stuff is going to be quite as exciting as Popjustice suggests or not is hardly the point when it comes to Mark Ronson. I can however say that I find his almost jazz style version of Toxic quite beguiling. Still, is it anything other than a novelty? Probably not.

I've always been left cold by Bloc Party, and The Prayer doesn't change my mind one little bit.

I'm sure that the forces behind this "new and exciting" world of downloads didn't foresee their new regulations possibly leading to Randy Newman's first ever UK hit. Of course, they still might not but A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country certainly could provide him with a hit over here. I've a feeling some people might appreciate the sentiment behind the song anyway, although really I've a hard time taking Randy seriously since Family Guy took the piss out of him.

I don't like Kasabian alright! I'm not that keen on Seth Lakeman either.

Honey Bee by My Federation kind of sounds like T-Rex with Patrick Moore providing some musical accompaniment. Not as good as some of their other tracks that I've heard to be honest, but still quite cathcy.

Finally this week we come to Sarah Nixey, formerly the voice of Black Box Recorder. When I'm Here With You is another winner from her burgeoning solo career. If the Pet Shop Boys were a woman, this is probably what they'd sound like.

And yes, I'm ignoring the Noisettes on purpose.

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Why ignore Noisettes they are very good