Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Single Releases 01/01/07

Well here we are, 2007. And some people do release singles so early in the year. Although not Nerina Pallot I don't think, because despite what the TOTP Chart Blog might say (and on an aside, isn't that site crap - a sort of Popjustice-lite) I think that Learning to Breathe is only out next week. Either way, it's lovely.

It is also as lovely as anything gets this week.

Sir Bono of the U2 releases Window In The Skies. Now no question, the video is something a bit special...but it only really adds to Bono's "I'm God" megalomania doesn't it? Still, whatever I may think of him the video really is a clever idea.

Of course what the world really needed in 2007 was a new Eric Prydz song/video. This time he's using some Pink Floyd, but the chances of it being a hit are lessened by the lack of pornographically gyrating women in the video.

If you can distinguish Soul Seekerz from the Sunfreakz then you are a better person than I. In this case however rule 432a of the pop manual applies. No one who uses a "z" to signify a plural is ever any good. Point proven in both cases!

Not the most auspicious starts to the year in singles my friend...

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