Thursday, February 15, 2007

Headstrong - Ashley Tisdale

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Ashley Tisdale has been given this great musical opportunity due to the fact she was in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, a programme I had never even heard of until I read up on Tisdale on Wikipedia, and High School Musical. So far so predictable then. Indeed her previous resume (I'll ignore the small role in Donny Darko) in a way tells you all you need to know about Headstrong, Tisdale's debut album.

It aimed at that pre-teen audience with whistles and bells on and indeed if your kids have recently been badgering you about High School Musical then they'll probably love this. But considering that I don't have any young children, at least not that I know of, that's really neither here nor there from my point of view is it? All I will say is that some of the songs, such as He Said She Said and Don't Touch, do drift a little close lyrically to places where I wouldn't be allowing my young children to be going, but then as so much of pop music these days can be, well, questionable on that score it's difficult to pillory Tisdale too much for it.

For anyone over the age of 12 this is an album to approach with deep caution although it's not all dreadful by any means. Of course it helps if you are a bit of a pop tart, which I unquestionably am, but there are some things on here that are quite good indeed. Granted its pretty formulaic stuff for the most part but there are the odd strokes of genius that Britney Spears could well do with if she ever stops flashing her bits long enough to actually release that new album.

So Much For You is the kind of funky, dance-driven tune that Spears would take to the top of the charts with ease, whilst Not Like That makes a decent attempt at copying Gwen Stefani's wild style. What you should avoid at all costs however are the risible attempts at pop balladry. Tracks like Suddenly and Unlove You might work in other hands, but here they're the epitomy of bland.

Ashley Tisdale is just another of those "off the production line" popstrels yet there are few signs that she does have enough personality to stand out from the pack. Better on the upbeat dance-pop numbers, there are a smattering of songs that could be hits in the right hands; unfortunately the evidence, as a whole, doesn't seem to suggest that Tisdale is that right vehicle.

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