Monday, February 12, 2007

Single Releases 12/02/07

I have no idea why two of Blink 182 have decided to record together again, and to be honest I don't really care. I always thought the weakest moments of theirs were when the fella who isn't in +44 took the helm. So the fact that it's the other bloke leading the way for When Your Heart Stops Beating pleases me. It's a good song, if nothing astoundingly new. But I like it, for my sins.

Charlotte Gainsbourg releases 5:55 on 7' vinyl this week as well and its one of the more gorgeous tracks from her really rather good album (one of my top 25 of 2006) and whilst hardly likely to be a huge hit, or a "hit" of any description, it remains a fantastic song.

I was a bit surprised when I heard the new Corrine Bailey Rae one, which confirms how underwhelming I found her album as a whole. It's quite funky for her really, although like a lot of her stuff it doesn't quite convince me. Still the talent is there, next time around it's just a matter of having the tunes to go with it.

The Decemberists are little more than a cult concern in this country, which is a shame really. I like bands that don't especially look like pop bands. Anyway, O Valencia is a great track. Instantly memorable and it doesn't get any less likable with repeated lessons.

All I Need To Know by Emma Bunton, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It's crap and gets worse the more you attempt to listen to it. She just about has the range to get away with uptempo numbers, but ballad's like this are certainly not her forte. Still, she's doing better than the other Spice Girls I suppose so that must count for something.

The Feeling release Rose this week. Like much of their stuff I would listen to it but I wouldn't exactly recommend it. I mean lets face it, it's release date is rather cynical as well, what with Valentine's Day just around the corner.

It is however a whole lot better than Dreamers by Jack Savoretti. Dull in every sense and its as if someone set out to record something bland that would appeal to the Radio 2 market.

I'm surprised that Metric are still milking Live It Out with yet another release. Empty is a good song though and it is accompanied by a good video as well.

There's no doubting that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are riding a wave of success at the moment but am I alone in preferring them when the were a little less "mature"? Probably so.

Snow Patrol release another single? *Shudder*

The Towers Of London release a single? *Shudder*

Monsters by The Sugars isn't exactly brilliant, but I like it. Another funny video as well.

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