Monday, February 19, 2007

Single Releases 19/02/07

They tell me that The Greatest by Cat Power is released this week. Well it's bloody fantastic so go and buy it. Or download it, as they do these days. Although really you should already have it in your collection. If you don't rectify that error right now!

Right onto more mundane matters.

B'day was a great album. Sadly Beyonce has slipped firmly into Dreamgirls mode and Listen is more like listless. Still her bad songs just make her good ones all the more exciting don't they?

I still remain unimpressed that the Kaiser Chiefs totally new direction has proved to be nothing of the sort but you cannot deny the fact that Ruby is a catchy number. And less annoying than the majority of their other stuff.

My biggest laugh of the year was the email from Sophie Ellis Bextor saying something along the lines of "for those of you who have missed classic pop tunes from one of Britain's brightest stars, have no fear...Sophie is back." Quite. Catch You is like most of her tunes. Catchy but not all that memorable in the final reckoning. And come on love, put some weight on.

She is though a million times better than Stacie Oricco.

Then we get onto The Fray. How To Save A Life must be one of the most hyped records of the year so far...and I just can't see the fuss. It's dull in the extreme.

Dragonette, according to Popjustice are brilliant. On the basis of Jesus Doesn't Love Me Anymore I can't see why. Presumably they know something I'm not yet privvy to.

You know what, I lost the urge to do any more. See you next week.

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