Friday, February 02, 2007

One More Won't Kill Us - The Hedrons

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You might think, what with The Hedrons being close personal friends of mine ;-D, that objectivity would go out of the window when it comes to reviewing One More Won’t Kill Us, their eagerly awaited debut album. Well fear not, I am above all that. Impartiality is my middle name. So when I say that this is rather bloody good you know I mean it.

If the singles taught us anything it’s that The Hedrons have got the three minute or so blast of punk-rock-pop thing firmly in the bag. I still remain, relatively, slightly disappointed with I Need You, but Be My Friend and Heatseeker were the sort of songs that make your radio come alive and make even me want to shake my booty around my living room. Luckily though they are far from the only highlights on this exciting set.

Couldn’t Leave Her Alone is a short sharp blast of excitement, Falling Star could be described as Blondie meets Kenickie and What Am I To Do (clocking in at nearly 5 minutes) proves that the magic can sustain a longer song too. The only real disappointment is that Bad Charm, which ended up as B-side, has been removed since the promo copies were doing the rounds. Once Upon A Time is good, but it’s not the killer anthem Bad Charm is.

Of course there will be the critics who sit back and say that it’s hardly anything original, but that would kind of miss the point. It’s fun, it’s furious, it’s melodic and it’s really rather brilliant. Monster riffs, awesome solo’s and a powerful rhythms…what more could you possibly want people? Superstardom awaits.

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