Monday, February 26, 2007

Single Releases 26/02/07

It's that time of the week again.

All Saints should have remained consigned to the history books. And if their pension fund really is in need of replenishing they shouldn't have come back with a song like this. I thought the comeback single was bad but Chick Fit is just pure rubbish.

It's pointless comparing their comeback with that of Take That, not least because the people actually wanted TT to comeback, but its worth noting that a) Take That came back with a killer ballad and then b) they followed it up with a killer up-beat number in Shine. It's a great little catchy pop tune.

Gwen Stefani also "came back" with a pretty dreadful single in the respect of Wind It Up. Still at least The Great Escape is a better effort. Still, she's yet to reclaim the charm and spark of her previous solo singles.

It's debatable whether or not the world at large was clamouring all that much for a Tracy Thorn solo album, but that doesn't matter when It's All True is as good as it is. If Madonna released this all and sundy would be heralding a massive return to form.

Cansei de ser Sexy were one of my finds of 2006 - and I mean that in the sense that there were a discovery of mine not that I discovered them for everyone else. Off The Hook is another great jaunty single, albeit a slight notch below the previous singles.

LCD Soundsystem are quite brilliant. North American Scum, the taster for their upcoming album is just what you would expect. That is, it's very very good indeed.

I also like Charlotte Hatherley. I Want You To Know is rather good, although as of yet it's not really "got" me like some of her earlier singles. Still it's quite good all the same.

A lesson now for all those young people out there who want to make it in the musical world. Make a first record that people actually like but then when the record label drops you make it clear that you never really wanted to record the songs that made you famous in the first place. Then, when you sign a new record deal make it clear that for the first time you've got complete creative control. And then watch whilst I say that whilst I never liked your earlier stuff at least that was quite catchy compared to the drivel you've chose to record now. Yes "Big Brovaz" I'm talking to you.

We're getting to the 3rd single for 'Lil Chris and naturally there is a drop in quality. It's not that Figure It Out is all that bad, it's just nowhere near the quality of Checkin' It Out or Gettin' Enough.

Oh the Killers. I bet their concert was good. Anyway you know the main interest in the Read My Mind single is the Pet Shop Boys remixes, which are pretty good. But I do like the normal single version of well. I'm still not going to buy the album though.

I once held a door open for Adventures Of Loki. Very pleasant they were. I haven't heard all the Feminine Side EP but I have heard the title track. I don't think I'll be listening to it again.

Cascada are a bit shit. Miracle is no exception. I must say though, you would. You know you would.

As you might expect, Blind As A Bat is a massive departure from Meat Loaf's unique sound....

I have no idea as to why I haven't got the Howling Bells album yet. Low Happening is yet another great single. I must sort that out.

Idlewild pretty much stole the show when I went to see REM (along with The Zutons and Feeder). No Emotion sees them go a little bit "disco" which is better than the lead singer's attempts at whatever the hell it was he was trying to do with his solo album. Actually I like it quite a lot.

The Bluetones hit the comback trail as well this week with Surrendered. It's everything you would want a great Bluetones track to be. It's another bloody good one.

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