Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Evolution - Ciara

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If I had a pound for every R'n'B album I reviewed that clocked in at far too many tracks then I'd have, ooh, at least enough for a round of drinks at Wetherspoons's by now. But you get my point. Even though a handful of the 374 tracks on this album are spoken-word interludes there is just way too much on here. If only there was such a thing as quality control.

Mind you, if they'd exercised some quality control on this release, we might have ended up with an E.P. rather than a full blown album.

Don't get me wrong, there is a good track on here; the problem is that that good track is stretched out into nearly every song on the album. So what is initially a good "beat" soon becomes tiring as song after song blurs into one, providing what can only be described as a dull experience.

She might have got away with it if not for the fact that the ballad's that deviate from this formula are even worse.

So quite frankly, if you're considering buying this then don't. Burn three tracks (Bang It Up, I Proceed and Get In, Fit In) and leave the rest on the I-Tunes server. And to be honest, even those three tracks are far from essential. All in all, I wouldn't be looking over my shoulder with all that much fear if I were Beyonce. Once the hype dies down this will be seen for what it really is.

Still, it's gone top of the charts worldwide, so what do I know anyway....

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