Friday, April 13, 2007

Thirteen Tales Of Love & Revenge - The Pierces

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Far be it for me to bring to light anyone being shallow, but if The Pierces weren't two fantastically photogenic sisters (one of whom is stepping out with one of The Strokes) would there be quite the clamour to review their albums in the major press?

Maybe, maybe not. But whilst the clamour may well focus more than a little on the sister's beauty it would be a shame if that was all they were remembered for. Thirteen Tales Of Love & Revenge isn't a perfect knock-out album by any means, but it IS a very good one.

Sure it never seems to quite know what it's supposed to be as a collective whole, but it's a long time since the "concept" of an album has meant all that much to the world at large isn't it?

Thus the wonderfully misleading "dance beat meets Bond theme" single Boring can sit nicely alongside the alt-rock posturing of Sticks and Stones or the distinctly understated Ruin. All three are distinctly different tracks, but all three are also very good.

Boring may be the funniest single in years (by anyone) and is sung with such fantastic detachment ("Sexy boy/Girl on girl/Ménage a trois/Boring!") that anyone who is stupid enough to think they are being serious might just be able to persuade you that they are. As alluded to earlier though its hardly a representative taster for the album at large.

Indeed such is the kaleidoscope of sounds attempted on the album the last thing you could ever call it, even when the attempts don't quite come off - such as the addition of a fairly strong country "twang" to Lights On, is boring.

They've quite clearly upped their game from the folk-pop stylings of their previous efforts and they can but be applauded for that. In reality its not a case of deciding whether you love the music, that's a given; all you really need to decide on is the question of the blonde or the brunette.

For me...well, you'll have to guess at that won't you ;-D

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