Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Pipettes LIVE

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You see this is the point when I should probably, by all rights, be swooning over Ros-ay, saying how great she is and all that. And no doubt I will be doing just that in due course. But even she had to take second place tonight.

As usual we got some food and some drinks in at the pub before heading over to the venue. As we got in there was someone handing out Stefy postcards. That's weird, I thought. Al cracked some joke about missing them perform and then my heart sunk when I looked at the set listing on the wall and saw that yes, we had indeed missed Stefy. I was most upset.

So we move onto the bar, me still upset and after another beer has been bought I see some smart looking guys in their skinny tie get-up's and think that they might be the fellas from Stefy. But no sign of Stefy Rae herself. As if someone up there wanted to rub it in though, we did see the bird who plays Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street. She seemed perfectly pleasant and if I'd not been so upset about the Stefy thing I might have pushed Gee to have his photo taken with her for comedy purposes.

Anyway I'm stood by the door and I peer around to see what's going on and I see a lovely young lady. And I think, that could be Stefy Rae but really she's only about 4 foot 2 or something and in the video's she looks about 6 foot tall. So I turn back and then lo and behold this woman walks past and it was indeed Stefy. I froze and by the time I'd composed myself she'd disappeared, so I was now even more upset.

But this tale has a happy ending. We waited for ages and I was starting to think that the chance was gone as it was getting close to Pipettes time but finally the band reappeared and yours truly made his move. She was very sweet, even though I was talking gibberish, and seemed genuinely pleased that someone had actually heard of the band and knew who she was. One of the less painful "Matt meets a celebrity" moments it has to be said.

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Yes, I'm aware that's not the most flattering picture of me ever....

So it was with a spring in my step that we went into the auditorium for the Pipettes and within minutes I came to the conclusion that The Pipettes are the greatest thing ever. I really wasn't drunk when I said to the Gee that they're EVEN BETTER than Girls Aloud!!!

Seriously, they've got everything. Even groups of fans who dress up like them and copy, exactly, all the dance moves. They've got the tunes as well; even now, nearly a year after you first heard them, the tunes still stand up. And the new ones are pretty damn good too.

They also seem like they're having a hell of a lot of fun up there, which is refreshing. And the atmosphere was second to none (even though the venue didn't seem as "full" as the last time we saw them play there). There may be "better" concerts this year, but I doubt that there will be any that are quite as much fun.

Ros-ay is STILL as cute as a button (and I love her facial expressions) as well, and whilst she and Gwenno were sweating buckets, Riot Becki didn't seem to perspiring one bit. Sure that's not the kind of irrelevant tit-bit you read concert reviews for, but that's what you're getting!

In closing, The Pipettes absolutely rule!

don't forget me
because it's not love
why did you stay?
your kisses are wasted on me
your love for me
it hurts to see you dance so well
tell me what you want
baby don't leave me
burning ambition
really that bad
true love waits patiently for a miracle
i love you
guess who ran off with the milkman
by my side
one night stand
dirty mind
pull shapes
we are the pipettes

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