Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection - Alison Krauss

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Now this is a curious beast.

It's "a collection" but it's different from "the collection" which was her best of with long-term collaborators The Union Station. The upshot of this one is that it brings together tunes that Alison Krauss has performed outside her traditional Union Station remit.

The album features Krauss’ contributions to film soundtracks including the Oscar nominated songs, The Scarlet Tide” and You Will Be My Ain True Love, and Down to the River to Pray from the Grammy winning soundtrack O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Known for her collaborations, Krauss also includes several duets in the collection; the best of which is probably How’s the World Treating You with James Taylor.

Of course, commercial concerns being at the fore-front (as ever with "compilation" albums) there are also, quite bizarrely, five brand new tracks. Not that I'm against new tracks on an album such as this, but five does seem a tad excessive.

So it is indeed a curious beast. But as most of these tracks are not to be found on actual Krauss albums the mixture of film soundtracks, guest duets and new songs is actually quite a pleasing one and makes for an album that every Krauss fan should have. And sometimes you don't need any more purpose than that.

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