Saturday, August 02, 2008

Donkey - CSS

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It's two years since Cansei De Ser Sexy's album and by the sounds of Donkey, the party is well and truly over.

It's not that it's a dreadful album per se, although it does come close to being labelled that, just that if someone had specifically taken the trouble to eradicate everything that made CSS a thrilling proposition and at the same time wash away all traces of individuality they couldn't have done a much better than this donkey of an album. A cheap shot for sure, but one they set themselves up for.

It was perhaps expected that a professional polish would be added to the proceedings (lets not forget this was a band who when, in 2003, formed didn't know how to play any instruments) given the success of the previous album but it still comes as a huge disappointment that it's so generic and, well, normal.

Granted if you take the handful of decent tracks on here, the likes of Let's Reggae All Night and Move, and replaced the duff songs on the other album with them as a whole you'd have an absolutely brilliant album. But the new tracks would still be the ones that stand out as being a couple of notches below the likes of Let's Make Love (And Listen To Death From Above).

All in all, this is a hugely disappointing listen which has aimed for chart success but merely ended up removing everything that made you love CSS in the first place.

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