Wednesday, June 15, 2005

THE BEST OF...Ben Folds (including BFF)

Ok, so after the wonderful concert here is my list of my 10 favourite Ben Folds tracks...which probably will be competely different this time tommorrow :D

10) Landed
His latest single, (rock on for Radio 2's airplay of it), and truly one of his all-time classics. This has been known to make me cry (actually it did today as a matter of fact) although it is very uplifting in many ways.
9) Mess
Another of the more mellower ones in the cannon, this one hits home because I can relate to the feelings behind this one.
8) Rockin' The Suburbs
Fuck you Limp Bizkit. Well at least that's what this makes me think of when I hear it. What's more I can remember that prick Zane Lowe getting all arsey about this tune because it took the piss out of his beloved earnest rock music, so that's Tommy Two Thumbs fresh for this one.
7) Emaline
Obviously I've never known a girl called Emaline, but this is another one I can SO relate to. Well at least in what I think its about anyway. Sometimes I do indeed wish it was last September. Well not literally, but you see what I mean.
6) Song For The Dumped
Ha ha. You have to love this one. This is superb in both the original version and the slowed down solo live version.
5) The Battle Of Who Could Care Less
I remember watching MTV one day and they showed a clip of the video to this, with all the funny angles, and then they showed an interview with BFF at some house and then in walked the Kate, of Kate fame. But anyway, this song is where the love affair started.
4) Brick
Oh the tales. I remember Jonathan King being on GMTV and saying that if there was any justice in the world this song would be number one for weeks. Alas it wasn't. But this is haunting, and another one that makes me cry at times.
3) Where's Summer B?
Just a classic pop tune. What else can I say?
2) The Last Waltz
Brilliant, just bloody brilliant. Slightly barbed lyrics as well for such a nice melody.
1) Smoke
Truth be told this is one I skipped past for about the first two years I had the Whatever & Ever Amen album, but one proper listen was enough to captivate me. I can honestly imagine that this song is me and some woman arguing the toss about a relationship. It is that personal to me.

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