Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Irresistable Cathy Dennis

Not a new release, but deserving of a mention nonetheless. Cathy Dennis was the first woman to adorn my bedroom wall. I remember cutting out a picture of her from the Daily Mirror and pinning it to the wall at the side of my bed...

Anyway, this is a wonderful little trek down memory lane. Cathy had 11 top 40 hits (although criminally the two tracks she recorded with D'Mob aren't included on here - my bet is publishing issues) over a period of 8 years, although looking back she probably wasn't as successful as a) I thought she was and b) she deserved.

Essential tracks include the debut solo single Touch Me (All Night Long), Just Another Dream, and my personal favourite You Lied To Me (which was produced by one-time Madonna cohort Shep Pettibone, which explains it's Madonna-ian sound 13 years on :D).

There is some rubbish tossed in amongst the good tunes, but for a bargain price of £3.33, you can't really complain about this collection. It's a reminder of how underrated Cathy Dennis still is, and a clue as to how she can knock out quality pop tunes such as Toxic and Can't Get You Out Of My Head today.

Icon's View - 3 out of 5

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