Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kraftwerk - Maximum Minimum

Damn that Vince McMahon for booking WrestleMania 20 for the approximate time that Kraftwerk were in the UK for their first tour for donkey's years (and probably their last knowing my luck). But there is a god, with the release of this superlative 2 cd collection of choice cuts from the whole of their 2004 tour.

This set is pretty much a live greatest hits collection from one of my favourite bands ever. And the remarkable thing is how fresh the music sounds. It's difficult to comprehend that most of the tracks on this collection were written over 20 years ago, yet could be brought up to date by the original artists in such a thrilling manner.

All their best stuff is here, including killer versions of The Man Machine, The Model, Trans-Europe Express, Autobahn and, most impressively of all, The Robots. This is, quite simply, a superb collection from one of the most infulential bands in history, and you only hope that some new material will come from them soon which lives up to this impressive legacy.

Icon's View - 5 out of 5

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