Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dido - Live At Brixton DVD (and CD)

Well the lovely Dido, who gave us one of the best concerts of 2004 now releases a great value for money CD/DVD set of one of said live dates. It has to be said that visually, a Dido concert is hardly an extravaganza, but musically Dido shows here that she is much more exciting and vital than most people would tend to give her credit for. Highlights of the show are Take My Hand (although it does give me nightmares of Gee singing "Take My Hand" over and over again on the way back from her concert last year) and Life For Rent. So basically, if you are a fan of Dido, get this. And if you're not, but think you might be, then get it as well. And if you're not a fan at all, still get it and be amazed at how good she is.

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