Saturday, June 18, 2005

REM (and guests) LIVE

Well it's been a long time since I went to something like this, but there we were, sat in the humid atmosphere of Lancashire County Cricket Ground to see four of Dave's favourite bands. I'll get to the main eventers in due course, but here is a complete run through.

IDLEWILD - I found myself pleasently surprised at just how many of their tunes I knew. And even the ones I didn't know passed by quite well. They're not world-beaters, and are hardly likely to ever be so, but this set proved that they are good at what they do...and there is nothing wrong with that. Bring on the Greatest Hits CD... :D

THE ZUTONS - I still think they are striving too hard to be "quirky" but they do have some killer tunes in their locker. The ones I'd heard of before seemed to be the best of the bunch, but the band did bring an enthusiasm to the gig that was hard to resist. I still don't care what some people say though, that saxsophonist is not all that fit. Nice yes, but let's keep a sense of perspective dudes.

FEEDER - The disappointment of the day for me. There didn't seem to be any fire in the boys and too many of their songs are just too average to me to stand out. On a couple of songs I was enjoying it, but overall not the live act that I would expect.

REM - There is no denying that Michael Stipe and the boys are one hell of a live act. Personally the set list was not what I would have picked, but then for a band who's been going for over 20 years they cannot please everyone all of the time can they? Still, just for the likes of Man In The Moon, Losing My Religion and To The One I Love, REM are a band you simply must take the time out to see once in your life.

So overall, a great day out. But there was little on show that would make me want to see any of the four acts in concert again.

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