Monday, April 24, 2006

Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins LIVE

Oh the fun. Let's try a new way to get to the Lowry. Actually the end result was inconclusive as getting slightly lost, although not by much, did mean that we really couldn't come up with any true comparison. Still, we got there and in plenty of time too.

So off to Pizza Express it was. Although really considering all that they really do is Pizza it was a bit of a surpise to be met with the words "there's a table, but there will be a 45 minute wait for food." 45 minutes? It's a Pizza for god's sake. Anyway, we settled down, Gee watched the bintage pass by and then he came up with the statement "they look like the Watson Twins". Of course, knowing Gee I decided to ignore him, so he tried again and lo and behold it was indeed the Watson Twins enetering the same pizzeria as we were in...and then the excitement level raised a little bit higher as we then realised that Jenny Lewis was in the hiz-ooos as well. First impressions were of just how tiny she is.

After considering killing one of her band on the staircase we finished our meal (with Gee's credit card bouncing to much embarassment) and went into the great outdoors to do our paparazzi bit and wait for her to come out. One of the Watson Twins came out first and was very sweet. In fact she was so sweet that I refused to use my pre-planned joke on her (I was hoping one of them would say "are you going to the show tonight" and then I could have said "show, what show?" And yes I know that is lame, but it would have kept the tradition up). Hell, as soon as any woman links arms with me I'm putty.

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So then there was another half an hour wait...only for Gee to go and spoil it by upsetting the lovely Miss Lewis to the extent that she refused to pose for a picture. Of course I am joking. We have since found out she's not really keen on posing for pics and the Dean is cool with that, especially as she was so sweet with both of us, shaking hands and having a good little chat with us. And even almost stroking my chest (ok, I admit she merely pointed in the general direction of my chest and admired my "The Like" pin badge). Of course initially you get a bit upset that she wouldn't pose for a pic, but you can totally accept the fact, especially as she was indeed so nice to us. And as I said to Gee at the time, I've forgiven women who've done a lot worse to me in the past ;-).

Anyway. We decided to watch the support act on the TV in the bar (nice touch by the Lowry there) and then casually made our way to our front row, dead centre, seats. And from thereon in there was, quite simply, one hell of a show in progress. I was a bit frightened to use my camera and after two songs I was absolutely shit scared as Jenny seemed to give me one of the most evil looks I've ever seen...I even turned to Gee and said "she's scaring me" but seconds later she mouthed me an "hello" and I was at peace with the world.

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This was better than Gee getting a wave from Heidi. As well as the afforementioned hello, I got a few more nice smiles, a couple of "thank you's" and some applause for my percussion playing...ok, maybe not the last one, but we did all join in on percussion with some coins.

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Of course, this is supposed to be a music page, so I suppose I'd better stop boring you with tales of my "sexual frisson" with Miss Lewis and get on with the music. And if the previous concert earlier in the year was excellent, this managed to go a couple of notches higher. Spellbinding at ever turn, there were magical renditions of most of the Rabbit Fur Coat album (with only Handle With Care once again missing), the highlights of which were "You Are What You Love", "Born Secular" and "Rise Up With Fists". There was also a beautiful solo rendition of "Rabbit Fur Coat" which almost brought tears to my eyes.

Throw in some quality new songs, including that one about "Jonny Killed Mom" (or something like that) and the one that was described as being about trying to work out the precise moment that Mariah Carey became a slut and once again Lewis and the Watson Twins delivered one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Yes, once again it really was THAT good. Roll on the next time.

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