Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rhianna - SOS

Is this out this week? Have I really messed up? Or is it just going to crack the top 20 on downloads alone this weekend?

Anyway, just in case I have missed its release date, here are the salient points.

* It's really rather good. In fact it's the best pop single since Biology.
* No really, I know it's Rhianna, and I know that she's rubbish, but believe me, this is one of the best pop singles of the decade so far.
* No, honestly it is.
* It manages to sample Soft Cell's Tainted Love and sound better than it would have done if Mylo had thought of the idea, so it must be one of the best pop singles in ages.
* It's rather good indeed.
* It's so good if Rachel Stevens had done it, it could ALMOST have saved her pop career.
* Oh, and the video is fantastic too.

Hope that clears everything up.

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