Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Single Releases 24/04/06

You're All I Have (Snow Patrol) - Look, I said last week I wasn't going to listen to this...and I still haven't.

The View From The Afternoon (Arctic Monkeys) - The only "old" track on the Who The F**k Are The Arctic Monkeys EP. To be frank, the whole "let's release an EP that isn't eligible for the charts" thing strikes me as just as calculating as the latest manufactured pop band shilling their latest release.

Who Am I? (Will Young) - First things first, it's a pretty funny video. But, and this is a big but, the funny video cannot take away the fact that the song is pretty dull.

Bang Bang! You're Dead (Dirty Pretty Things) - Well as if the coked-up junkie wasn't putting enough nails in his coffin himself, along comes Carl Barat to knock a possible fatal nail to the coffin of Pete Doherty's career. Because quite simply, this is around three minutes of indie pop bliss and happens to be better than anything from the Libertines and/or Babyshambles that has preceeded it. Yes it's hardly a million miles away from those two "bands" but more importantly its tighter and better than anything he's done before. So what will be Doherty's excuse now?

Killing Loneliness (HIM) - It's Goth Jim, but not as we know it. Well ok. It is exactly as we know it. It's one of those that if this is your kind of thing then you'll love it...if not, steer clear.

Yo! Excuse Me Miss (Chris Brown) - I've heard worse; lets just leave it at that.

Steady As She Goes (The Raconteurs) - Logically, despite the obvious star power of Jack White and Brendan Benson, this is a clash of styles that shouldn't work. But wouldn't you know it, the end result is something quite fantastic indeed. For once, believe the hype!

Stoned In Love (Chicane feat. Tom Jones) - On the one hand this is a by-the-numbers dance track; on the other hand there is a certain something that elevates it slightly above the norm. Maybe its the guitars, maybe its Tom Jones, but this certainly had me almost bopping along to it.

Dig Your Own Grave EP (Test Icicles) - The worst band name ever? Possibly. Still the song's aren't too band and for sheer wealth of features alone (this is one of those dual disc efforts and comes replete with all kinds of goodies) you have to at least give them credit for putting together a good package.

Don't Blame Your Daughter (The Cardigans) - Well I do remember this from the album...it's smooth, mellow, haunting and above all completely unsuited to life as a pop single. Don't get me wrong; it's a good track. But it will sadly sink without trace as a single.

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