Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Singles Releases 10/04/06

No Promises (Shayne Ward) - No promises that you aren't going to "do a Gareth Gates"? Or heaven forbid "do a Michelle McManus"? But anyway. It's dull, of course it is, but it's no more dull than hundreds of other "pop" tunes of its ilk. I mean seriously, is it any more offensive than Westlife? And on the plus side there's only one of him.

Better Do Better (Hard-Fi) - Well to be honest all objectivity goes out of the window with this lot. I cannot stand 'em. And to be honest, I cannot stand this song. Rumours abound that they've "relocated" to America in a bid to crack the US market. I for one wish them ever success and hope they stay there.

The Hardest Part (Coldplay) - Now this is another place where all objectivity should go out of the window. I don't like Coldplay. In fact I cannot stand them. But they kinda swung me around with the Kraftwerk sample in "Talk", well at least to the extent that I wondered whether I had been a bit too harsh. Of course, I haven't. They are dull. But against all the odds, and even though this is one of the dullest of the dull in their cannon by all accounts, I actually almost like this. I mean, and whisper this quietly, I was whistling along to the song when they played it on Radio 2 this morning....

I Feel It (Lorraine) - I feel it too. Lazy reviewers will call them the new A-Ha. I would never stoop that low. But if you cross their epic sound with the pop sensibilities of Pet Shop Boys, you are in the right ball park for how good this single is.

Unpredictable (Jamie Foxx) - Touche Jamie. Because I'm pretty sure you know full well that this average, generic R'n'B tune is about as far from unpredictable as you can get. He likes his bitches and he's well versed in getting jiggy with them. How novel.

Kids With Guns/El Manana (Gorillaz) - There seems to be a grand total of me and Miquita Oliver who don't like the Gorillaz. And as you would expect from the fourth single from Demon Days the quality is down from previous efforts. What else can I say?

Here We Go (Trina ft. Kelly Rowland) - It seems like every week there is something like this. Still at least this has a bit of novelty value in its humour, although that soon begins to grate.

Crooked Teeth (Death Cab For Cutie) - Oh the irony of the band name; it never fails to get to me. In years to come you may look back on this tune as one that reminds you of summer 2006. Me? Well I'll have probably forgotten all about it, but the dark lyrical undertones make this an interesting one...one which almost makes me want to take a little time getting to know them better.

Crosses (Jose Gonzales) - Delicate and sweet...but also pretty average.

C'mon Get It On (Studio B) - Surely you've heard their "smash" hit I See Girls... Yes, you have? Congratulations then because as this one is exactly the same as that one you don't need to listen to this and you can spend those extra 4 minutes of your life doing something worthwhile.

Message In A Bottle (Filterfunk) - To quote Popjustice "...that Filterfunk single is absolutely fucking terrible...". And I for one am not going to argue with that point of view.

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