Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Single Releases 17/04/06

SOS (Rhianna) - Yes, so it seems like this is officially out this week, so downloads may have got it to the top 5 last week. And it's still brilliant. Read my other review if you need to.

This Isnt It (Giant Drag) - Well it may not be "it", but this is still a bloody fantastic song. And, as "off the point" as it may be, how unbelievably cute is Annie in the video to this?

All Night Disco Party (Brakes) - Is this really getting a re-release? I'm sure that when Brakes were completely underwhelming me when supporting Editors, that this was supposed to be their big hit. Well it was rubbish then, is rubbish now and will always be rubbish. To be fair though, it's probably the best track of theirs I have heard.

Spiders Web (Katie Melua) - Taking of songs that were pants live....this is the ever classic tune that had me, Gee and Dave rolling in the aisles with laughter when she debuted it live on tour. It's not got any better in the meantime either.

Music Is Power (Richard Ashcroft) - You know I am conscious that most weeks I seem to just criticise 95% of the singles I review, and I do try to be a little more positive. But then I get faced with something like this. It's just not very good is it? And the fact that Dickie has in the past dome some cracking tunes makes this even more unpalatable. Put some passion back into it Richard please. Turn off the auto-pilot and give us something with feeling.

Dreams (Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks) - Another week, another pointless disco dancing remix of a classic tune. One the one hand you could argue that at least this keeps the original singer on board...on the other hand you could argue that this makes the Corrs' version seem cutting edge.

Losing (Tina Dico) - Yes you are love. And this won't help you to start winning. Like everything she does it's not bad, but it's fairly unremarkable.

Look At Me Now (Faders) - Well credit to them for continuing to plug away over here. It's never going to work, so they'd better hope that the American success continues. This isn't an awful tune by any stretch of the imagination but then again it isn't a good tune by any stretch of the imagination.

Cosy Prisons (A-Ha) - If their last single was a bit of a welcome return, this sees the law of diminishing returns applying. It's not bad, but lets put it this way, in another 20 years time you'll still be listening to Take On Me rather than this.

Dance Dance (Fall Out Boy) - What can I say? It's not my cup of tea but they seem to be quite popular these days. Bit high pitched though.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (Flaming Lips) - Ok, so you know its likely to be weird (and boy is it) but you can always rely on the Lips to come up with at least a few storming tracks every time they release an album...and this is one of those. The moralistic question and answer style lyrics could grate in lesser hands, but you never lose the feeling during this that the Lips know exactly how preposterous they are constantly on the verge of being. Which add up for fun, fun, fun.

Lie To Me (Daniel Powter) - Who is worse do you reckon? Powter or Blunt? In my book at least Blunt has a little spark of personality and verve going for him...two traits that seem to have been surgically removed from DP. So really even if you haven't heard this, you'll know exactly how dull it sounds.

From Paris To Berlin (Infernal) - It's little more than your usual thumping Euro disco tune I know, but it is one hell of a catchy thumping Euro disco tune.

Never Wanna Say (Soundbwoy Ent Ft. Doctor) - Say what? Anyway against my better judgement this isn't too bad. It's certainly nice to see a UK slant on the whole R'n'B thing actually being something different and not a watered down attempt to be American.

APPARENTLY there is also a new Snow Patrol track available on download from Friday, but don't expect me to be listening to it.

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