Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blue Alert - Anjani

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Two things came to mind when listening to this rather fine album; firstly, for all the, deserved, plaudits afforded to the likes of Diana Krall, Norah Jones and Madeline Peyroux, Anjani Thomas is the real "real deal" in terms of a jazz sound. Secondly, its debatable whether or not this album would have received quite so much hype and press if it wasn't for the Leonard Cohen connection.

Still it's not for me to dissect the why's and how's of the music press and at heart it is definately a good album. In lesser hands the formula of Anjani and her piano might deliver a boring album, but with typically interesting Cohen lyrics to work with and neat little changes of pace throughout (the sax on the title track, the guitar on Half The Perfect World, the gospel tinges of Never Got To Love You) it never becomes a chore to listen to.

Cynics will decry the definite "lounge" sound that the album carries, but those with a bit more of an open mind will find much to enjoy here. Anjani has the voice and Cohen delivers a perfect lyrical backdrop for it.

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