Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wait For Me - The Pigeon Detectives

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They're from Leeds, share a producer with the Kaiser Chiefs and Embrace and are another of that long line of "hot new" Indie bands...wait, where are you going? Come back, it's not as bad as it sounds.

Anyone who's heard the singles, and there's been four of them to date, will be quite upbeat about the prospect of an album. Particularly good was You Know I Love You (with its catchy "you know I love you, take off your clothes" chorus) and I Found Out (which was, oh, at least thirteen times better than anything the Fratellis could come up with). Indeed if the Kaiser's have left a gap in the market for jaunty, jokey and catchy pop tunes having gone ultra-sensible and serious for their second album, Wait For Me must be prime meat to fill it.

Of course, and wouldn't you know it, these are also the best songs on the album by quite some way (except for the sublime Stop Or Go) and as such there is a slight tinge of disappointment in that the album doesn't quite live up to the singles that preceded it.

Still it shows a lot of promise, and kind of reminds me of XTC (which is a good thing). Needless to say it's not up to that level, but it is an indication that there could be a lot more to come from these boys.

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