Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Riot - Paramore

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I'd heard good things about Paramore, but was somewhat disappointed with the recent single Misery Business. It wasn't bad, but lacked a spark to set it apart from the pack. Indeed I had nightmarish visions of Papa Roach springing up in my mind.

I'm glad to say that I find the album a lot more palatable.

The star of the show is ultimately the diminutive Hayley Williams and the band provide her with enough punk-pop riffs to sink her teeth into without ever overwhelming her or relegating her to the background.

I don't find it the most original album I've heard all year and it never really becomes an exhilarating album but there is no question that, when it hits the spot, it's memorable and catchy and at around 40 minutes in length never outstays its welcome. The only problem is that, as it stands, I can't see this being an album I'll keep returning to.

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