Thursday, June 07, 2007

Men's Needs Women's Needs Whatever - The Cribs

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Try as I might, I've never really warmed to The Cribs. To be honest they are more memorable for crazed, one might say drunken, appearances on TV rather than for anything about their music. They seem a likeable, and rascally, bunch but that doesn't really count for a lot does it?

And despite calling in Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos for production duties, they've not made me warm to them on their third album. It polishes up their sound, without making it too polished though, and that's a plus point but it doesn't change the opinion that they are nothing but a poor man's Franz.

As ever there are a couple of moments that rise above it all, such as recent single Men's Needs and Be Safe, featuring Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo but there is not enough to maintain your interest throughout. The one word that permeates through the air, as ever with The Cribs, is average. That about sums up this album.

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