Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kate Nash LIVE

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I tell you. Never in the history of my concert-going career have I ever seen such a prominence of out and out tossers in an audience.

You know I bet Kate was thrilled you knew some of her songs, and I bet she was pleased that you knew some of the words. She might not have been pleased to see you incessantly chatter about absolute bollocks throughout the songs.

It was annoying enough on the "loud" songs, but when there were "quiet" songs it was at times a struggle to hear what she was singing due to the ever-so-cool wankers who obviously take great pride in "discovering" new music whilst paying a tenner to go and chat all the way through a concert whilst shouting how awesome and brilliant it was. I must say I didn't think the scant attention you were paying the concert was enough for you to actually form an opinion on what was going on. I can see them now at their water-coolers in the morning; "yeah, me, Darren and Tarquin went to see Kate Nash last night...what's that, you've never heard of her. Oh you really should be as cool as we are and check out her myspace page."

Rant over.

Not that it spoiled the performance. Nash is just lovely, and I still think I want to marry her. Her reaction to the crowd's delight when she introduced her next single ("you like it, that's a good thing) was just one funny and endearing moment during the set.

It's a testament that songs I'd barely heard before seem like long lost friends and the songs that have received more-airplay/been knocking around online like Birds, Foundations and Merry Happy seem as exciting as they did when I first heard them.

I can certainly see why she might not appeal to everyone; but to those people I merely have three words. You. Are. Wrong.

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