Monday, February 11, 2008

19 - Adele

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Well what a way to start the return of the Album reviews.

I don't care if one of my best mates works with her Dad (true story - made even funnier by the fact that when her dad mentioned this to my mate his reaction was "who?") I have to call it like I see it . Or hear it.

I hate Chasing Pavements. I'd probably hate it if it wasn't on Radio 1 every 13 minutes (approximately), although that doesn't help matters.

So it wasn't with the lightest of hearts that I plonked the CD into the player and cranked it up. And my opinion...? Well it's not too bad. Granted I don't particularly like it all that much, but neither did I rush out of my comfortable listening position to turn it straight off. Indeed there are odd occasions when I'm throughly enjoying what I'm listening too. Brief occasions I would admit but nevertheless that's more than I expected.

Her "other" single Hometown Glory is quite delightful, with its memorable piano led backing and My Same is the one "upbeat" moment that stands out from the pack with it's jazz stylings. Two decent songs though do not make a memorable album. Some compare her to Amy Winehouse; I'm more inclined to compare her to Joss Stone.

It's an accomplished album in terms of the music, but seems too "accomplished", or should I say, contrived. Like most of Joss Stone's ouevere, there is that nagging feeling that this is music by record industry committee. As a result it's difficult to hate the album, but even more difficult to love it. Without the hype this would just be another in a long line of "ok" female singer-songwriter albums vying for your attention.

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