Monday, February 18, 2008

September - September

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Having been accused on Amazon of not doing enough research about albums, (although really how much research do you need to do to know that Adele is a trifle dull), I decided that I should find out about Petra Markland, aka September, before reviewing this album.

And basically this is her first American album, containing tracks taken from her last two Studio releases in her native Sweden.

And as it's Sweedish pop you can pretty much guess what you're going to get from this. And whilst it's not exactly reinventing the pop wheel it's catchy pop (it's even released on a label called "Catchy tunes" which must be the most awesome thing ever.

It's a little bit Infernal, a little bit Cascada but without being as, well, crap as those. If Kylie wasn't bothered about being cool and just wanted to release some fantastic pop songs which will have the crowd buzzing this is the sort of thing she would come up with. I mean come on, she has a sample of Bette Davis' Eyes on one track (as an aside it shocked me to find out, back in the day that that wasn't a Rod Stewart track.

And come on, there's something to be said for a lady who looks like the result of a Sienna Miller/Sarah Harding cross breeding experiment.

Will I be still listening to this album in a decade's time? Probably not. But it's a fun and catchy album which should appeal to pop fiends of all ages.

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