Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get Awkward - Be Your Own Pet

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Oh, Jemima Pearl. How I am in love with you. You're too young of course, but you're just the kind of spunky, fiesty girl I end up with in real life (only to be tossed to the kerb when they realise how boring and dull I am - and let's be honest, most women find out I'm boring long before...well let's leave it there). Matt likes mental women. That's a Lucy Porter fact for you.

If there was one problem with Be Your Own Pet's, pretty awesome, debut album it was that on a couple of occasions it was just a little to focussed on being a loud mess for it's own good. Thankfully Get Awkward rectifies that small problem and then some.

It keeps everything that was exciting about the self-titled debut and adds even more killer tunes and hooks. Pearl has a much better voice than the first album lead you to believe and she's also taken on the lyric writing on this occasion, which leads to even more nonsense about teenage problems that completely go over my head but lead to an exhillarating experience.

Once again it's only about half an hour long (which is a good thing as you all should know) but not a moment is wasted.

The only depressing note is learning that record company executives demanded three tracks were taken off the album for being "too violent." If they are half as good as most of what was allowed to slip through the coroprate net we're missing out on a treat for sure.

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