Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ivy York - Ivy York

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Well young Ivy is certainly not going to get the hype that other female songwriters are going to get, but that might be no bad thing.

Of course it would be a pity if this album sank without a trace; dreamy, heartfelt and catchy - those are buzzwords which would, in a musical world with any justive, propel Ivy York into the hearts and minds of both the critics and the record buying public.

Admittedly those of you who think that Dido is the devil incarnate are probably not going to be amused by the gentle, whimsical, floating melodies on display (with a touch more "Indie" than Dido could ever muster I must add) here but those that lament general indifference that meets someone like St Etienne these days will find a lot to enjoy here.

She has a great voice and good songs; the only slight letdown is that 12 tracks of it is just a little bit too "samey" for comfort. Perhaps one to delve into the best tracks of (In Your Arms and Forces Of Nature to name but two) rather than devour as a whole, but all the same it is an enjoyable experience. Indeed, if the likes of Jo Wiley really had their finger on the pulse (instead of letting their Radio 1 playlist producers guide their fingers to what they think is the pulse) this is the kind of thing they might go a little crazy over.

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