Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Laura Veirs LIVE

No, I'm not dead. I've just been busy. I can promise that CD reviews will be back very very soon.

In the mean time the first concert of the 2008 season kicked off with the lovely Laura Veirs at the palatial Night & Day in Manchester.

My new job means that driving to concerts has now become a much more pleasent experience than it once was. I even got to Manchester before the Gee, which doesn't often happen.

We got turned away from our favourite Chinese restaurant, so went to a cheaper one. We were done with that ridiculously early so it was off to Bar Roque for a few drinks, and a very buxom barmaid, and a short session in the Wetherspoons before heading to the sold out venue.

The "shit to flies" rule was in place again; all I will say is that if you're such a big fan of an artist that you scream out applause after every song you could at least deign to listen to some of the songs in question and not talk all the way through them!

That aside, Veirs, in a solo slot, was on top form, despite what now seems the customary Night & Day sound problems (they really should get that sorted out), as she belted out songs from nearly all her albums (she hates the first one don't you know) to the delight of the crowd.

An acquired taste she most certainly may be, but if you "get" her, there's a lot to be delighted by.

She was absolutely lovely to speak to as well; of course I just had to slip into Hugh Grant Posh Englishman mode again didn't I?

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