Friday, March 17, 2006


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Ages since I've done a best of, but I'm sat at home bored, and as I'm going watching the 'Babes tomorrow, here is the top 10 list of their best songs, IN MY OPINION :-D

10) Round Round - Ok, so it sounds like three completely different songs thrown together but in their defence it sounds like three completely different GOOD songs.
9) Shape - Loses a few places due to the Sting thing, but this is a nice soothing ballad.
8) Virgin Sexy - The one non-single track to make the list (which in itself tells you a great deal about the Sugabaes weaknesses in my opinion) and I'm fully aware it is maybe the rememberence of the poll dancing they did to this one on their last tour that makes it stick in my mind.
7) New Year - Sometimes the Great British record buying public just get it so wrong. Why this wasn't Christmas number one or something I will never know.
6) In The Middle - Again, is it the memory of Heidi in the video that pushes this one so high up the list? Quite possibly.
5) Stronger - It's nice. It's lovely. I love it.
4) Push The Button - What can I say? One of the best pop tunes of 2005.
3) Run For Cover - Moody without being souless, this is another one that was criminally ignored at the time.
2) Overload - What a debut single. In fact it was probably TOO good. I only wish in hindsight that the Sugababes had carried on along this trajectory...
1) Hole In The Head - ...although that would have probably meant that we would have missed this beauty. Pop perfection.

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The Green Panther said...

Yo dude, the sugar babes are hot, especially the new white girl yum yum