Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Single Releases 13/03/06

Whole Lotta History (Girls Aloud)- Ok. You all know my feelings about this one. For a start its a ballad, and the only decent ballad they've ever done was See The Day...and even that wasn't very good. Heaven knows why they had to release another ballad as a single straight after that one. I can see what they are tyring to do, but really you need a better song than this to do it.

Another Place To Fall (KT Tunstall)- Now this is a good song...but come on peeps, it's the FIFTH from the album. If you ask me, they should never have bothered releasing Under The Weather, because this is a great track...but it's overkill.

Walk Away (Kelly Clarkson) - She seems a game lass and she's done quite well for herself although I still, of course, fail to see how she's made it quite so big. Having said that, I quite like this one, but I have to say...she's looks bloody awful in the video. Oh and it sounds a bit like Word Up by Cameo!!!

Fly (Hilary Duff)- I quite like this one, but I have one small problem with it...it was in my top 60 singles of 2004. This is now 2006. So no matter how they repackage her stuff in the UK, this to me is still an old, old song and therefore I must lament it's release.

Pump It (Black Eyed Peas)- Yet another BEP tune that I quite like but that wouldn't tempt me into buying their album. The Pulp Fiction "miserlou" tune in the background is a stroke of genius though.

No Way Back (Foo Fighters) - Come on Dave, put a bit of effort into it mate. This is your "by the numbers" rock tune that the Foos can churn out in their sleep. I want more from them.

Wisemen (James Blunt)- Another completely non-offensive track from the Chicken lover. The sort of thing I'd listen to on the radio if it came on, but not something I would buy for myself.

Beautiful World (Sara Jorge) - Ooh, me likey this. The sort of song that would be a HUGE hit if Kylie did it (and would probably fail to get Rachel Stevens in the charts :-D) but that will sadly probably sink without trace. Top quality pop.

There It Go (Jules Santana) - Erm quite. Not my cup of tea at all really. Another one of those "rap" things with no discernable tune.

Make A Move On Me (Joey Negro) - One of those "retro" dance tunes I shouldn't really like but I actually do. This is the kind of cracking tune that seemed to be out every week in the mid 90's that we sadly don't see much of these days. I defy anyone not to be caught up with the dancing groove upon hearing this one.

Just (Mark Ronson ft Alex Greenwald)- Well Radiohead have never sounded better have they? ;-) Ok, in all seriousness, this is quite funky but is still nothing more than a novelty record wrapped up in pretensious clothes. It's good, but is there any real need for it?

Advenutre (Be Your Own Pet) - They have the front woman to melt a thousand indie hearts, and finally they have the tune to back it up. A little bit Pixies, a little bit Garbage and a whole lot of fun. It won't be a hit, but why should I care about little things like that when the tune is so good?

Suffer Well (Depeche Mode) - This is a bit like the Editors would sound if they were a little bit more electronic. It's quite good and harks back to some of their mid-career classics, although sadly it doesn't match up to anything from, say, Violator.

Piece Of My Heart (Beverley Knight) - Why bother sticking the boot into poor Bev when Popjustice has just done it better than I could ever hope to. And I quote "it does not matter whether you are 'the voice' or 'the greatest singer of your generation' if you are boring and useless as a popstar."

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