Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Single Releases 20/03/06

Nature's Law (Embrace) - Well I don't know how they keep getting away with it. I truly am lost for words? Is it terrible? No. Is it in any way memorable? No. I just can't get worked up about this at all either way.

Heart In A Cage (The Strokes) - Ok so they were destined to never really live up to the hype surrounding "This Is It" but this isn't too bad. It's not going to save rock music or anything like this, but it is good.

Bounce, Move, Shake, Stop (MPV) - Do Reel 2 Real (or was it Real 2 Reel) and the Mad Stuntman know about this one? Are they getting any royalties? If not, they should be. Anyway, this is a nice little dancy bop ditty, but its far too unoriginal to really hit the mark.

To And Fro (Mattafix) - As you might suspect from these boys, this is dull beyond belief.

Stupid Girls (Pink) - So let me get this straight. It's ok to parade your flesh in a music video despite criticising people who do that kind of thing as long as you are being "ironic". But just remember, whatever you do, don't call her POP. I'm sorry, but this is the kind of piss-take that Eminem could do in his sleep and he'd do a much better job of it. Still I dare say that won't stop it being a mega-hit.

Ms. New Booty (Bubba Sparxxx) - A song about the delight of ladies' arses. And really, after the travesty that was Black Eyed Peas and "My Humps" we need this kind of cleasning song. As bad as it may be....

Our Truth (Lacuna Coil) - This is another one of those that if you've heard of them and you like them...well you'll like this. If you haven't, or you don't like them, then this won't change your mind.

Gold Lion (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) - Finally they do something which justifies the hype. It starts off all mellow and descends into noisy chaos...and it's also rather brilliant.

Temperature (Sean Paul) - Please. Can people stop buying his records. Thanks.

So Sick (Ne-Yo) - Firmly from the R-Kelly side of R'n'B, this at least has the distinction in being far less naueseous than the piss-lovin' RK ever is.

Grillz (Nelly ft. Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp) - They certainly share the workload don't they these rappers? I have to say though that this is the right side of funky and is actually quite funny. So it's one to listen to, if not actually buy.

Mothers Day EP (G4) - As if the runaway train known as G4 couldn't get any worse, they go and record "Barcelona"...with Lesley Garrett. Don't you dare buy this for your mother. Buy her something good instead.

Love 80's (Lupen Crook) - Well the picture on his Myspace page is enough to put me off, but the tune itself isn't too bad. But really, this isn't going to be huge. Worth checking out if you have a spare 5 minutes though.

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