Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Single Releases - 06/03/06

June Gloom (The Like) - They've been on the Dean-dar for a good while now thanks to my good buddy Gee, but it has to be said that this isn't one of their best. Of course Tennessee looks unbelievably cute in the video (a fact I may just have to mention to her on Thursday if I get the chance) and it's not a bad tune, I just fail to see how it can be a hit when the superior What I Say And What I Mean failed to trouble the top 250. Still, people should buy it anyway just for the Leonard Cohen cover...oh and because it's three hot chicks playing rock music; what's not to like people?

Touch The Sky (Kanye West) - I still maintain the guy is not a very good rapper. But when he produces a sound like this, even if it is courtesy of the Curtis Mayfield sample/riff/whatever the technical term is these days for plaugurism, who really cares that we'd be better off if he produced this kind of stuff for a guy who could really rap instead of doing it himself.

Red Dress (Sugababes) - The "debut" single for the 3,243th line up of the band and thankfully although it is a bit "all over the place" it's one hundred times better than the turgid album version. It once again goes to prove that whilst the Sugababes might have an upsetting knack for bad albums on the whole, the day when their greatest hits CD emerges will see an all time classic pop collection within our midst (but the Girls Aloud Greatest Hits - due in November 2006 ;-) - will still be better).

Industry (The Modern) - With its synthy 80's style vibe, this is the kind of thing I really like and the male verse/female chorus brings to mind the Human League. This is the kind of thing Girls Aloud could do quite well, and that's quite a compliament from me. It's also a bit "Bis" esque, which is another reason for me to love it.

Waste A Moment (Fightstar) - Charlie from Busted, you can keep doing songs like this till the cows come home, but people will never love you like they did when they were in Busted. Although really, is this any worse than Son Of Dork?

Photograph (Jamie Cullum) - You know what, I'll come clean. I couldn't even be arsed trying to listen to this. So I'll guess. If you like Cullum, you'll probably love this. If you think he's, well, a bit rubbish, I doubt this will change your mind.

One Wish (Ray-J) - Just for the fact that he called his album Raydiation, I'm going to reccommend this. (Even though really it's not very good).

Unbelievable (Craig David) - Unbelievable that you were ever seriously considered as a bright musical hope who would be having hit after hit for years to come Craig? The sound of an artist treading water, or the sound of an artist who doesn't really know how to do anything else...you decide. Still, at least he's not as bad as Daniel Bedingfield is he? I wonder if in 40 years time they'll have a "Solid Silver 2000 Show" (you know like the 60's ones they do with Gerry And The Pacemakers now) with the likes of Craig David and Daniel Bedingfield? And perhaps more pertinantly...would anyone bother turning up?

Because I Want To (Placebo) - Well its definately Placebo. You can tell that straight away. Whether it's of any relevance to the music fan today who doesn't already like Placebo is another question, but this is track that will surely please their fans.

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) - Take your bets on whether the whole "Elvis" thing will be quietly pensioned off due to poor sales, but don't deny that this is one of THE all-time top pop singles, EVER! And as such, it's better than anything else released this week singles wise.

Rise Up With Fists (Jenny Lewis) - ...well I'll take that back. Billie Jean is still the best pop single of the week, but this is THE best single of the week. Is it gospel, is it country, is it pop....or is it a compellingly unique mixture of everything and more? I know this probably won't chart in the top 40, but it should. It really should.

Undercover (Gemma Hayes) - This is a lovely track from the much underrated The Roads Don't Love You album. Hopefully the Radio 2 support will ensure a modest hit, and lots of success for the album as a result.

Incredible (Shapeshifters) - Remember Lola's Theme? Well that was quite good. This, on the other hand, isn't.

Like You (Bow Wow feat Ciara) - Does anyone else remember the days when he was Lil Bow Wow? Anyway, this is a cracking chorus surrounded by a dull song.

Geek In The Pink (Jason Mraz) - This is the kind of thing you just know the Americans will lap up. Sadly for Jason, I don't think us Brits really need another Maroon 5 style act to love, despite the fact I think this is quite a catchy little number.

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