Friday, March 10, 2006

The Like LIVE

I love Poolstock Lane. An hour's journey to Manchester is all well and good, but when it takes you the first half of that hour to get the first three or four miles, its pretty bloody annoying.

Anyway. As usual the proper festivities kicked off in the Oxford. Bottles of Magners quickly moved onto Corky's (in my defence, they had the Creme Egg flavour in). Then came what I shall refer to as an unfortunate incident in the Kebab shop. All I will say is that the man really could have let us have the seats we'd been waiting for and saved a whole lot of shenanigans.

So we made it to the venue, avoiding being lynched on the way there, just in time to see the support act Dirty Circus finishing their set. Sadly, a little trouble with exactly what time it was meant that we'd arrived in time to see the first of THREE support acts, with the headliners still 2 hours away...

Thankfully not only did this early arrival mean we could get to the front without having to push anyone out of the way, it also meant that we caught two rather decent support acts. The Adventures of Loki were a power-punk-pop trio with shades of Ash and The Subways about them. They also had a very cute drummer. Which can't be bad. Then it was the turn of Bright Space, who have the pretty boy look to be a hit on CD-UK, plus the tunes to back it up. They're a hell of a lot better than the likes of Orson anyway.

And with that, the time had flown by and it was time for the main event. And what a main event it was. Maybe it was the copious amount of alcohol, maybe it was being closer to the front of a standing only gig than I've ever been for years or maybe it really was the most enjoyable night of my concert going life.

As soon as some guy shouted out "get naked" and Z replied "no, you get naked. If somebody doesn't get naked, I'm not playing" you realised you were in for a fun night. And credit to that curly haired guy in front of me for taking his shirt off and throwing it onto the stage.

The crowd were really into it (the girls seemed genuinely surprised and touched at the resounding reception they received) and it's not every concert night where you see the band asking their bouncers not to hit the guy who stole three tee-shirts from them too hard.

Highlights of the night included the two singles, What I Say And What I Mean and June Gloom, as well as the Split Enz cover One Step Ahead and, my personal favourite, Too Late. And yeah, I am fully aware I kinda lost it during that last one, and probably acted akin to the numpty at the Gemma Hayes concert (although I didn't bash into anyone) but by that point I was completely enthralled.

It got better though when, after the set, the lovely ladies came out to mingle with the fans. Whilst Gee was too drunk to really know what was going on, at least he kept his hands steady enough to do the honours behind the camera for me so I could procure the neccessary shots for the Dean Hall Of Fame.

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Tennessee was very sweet, and she's as cute as a button. Sorry Nadine, but I think you're going to have to find someone else now. Charlotte was also very sweet, as was Z (and as is the tradition made a comment about my nice, (red), marker pen). As I was drunk I was being awfully polite in a kind of foppish Hugh Grant manner, but it went down well.

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Prior to the concert I liked The Like, but now i REALLY like The Like. They are, quite simply, bloody fantastic.

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Oh, and by the way Gee...sorry about that "tattoo" on your hand mate ;-)

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