Friday, November 24, 2006

Dreams: the Ultimate Collection - The Corrs

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JUST what the world needed, another Corrs compilation...ok, so that was sarcasm, and yes this is the SECOND Corrs Greatest Hits set and no, it doesn't come close to even being the "ultimate" in Corrs material.

What I don't understand is that unless you happen to be a Corrs fan who doesn't happen to own ANY of their records you will have absolute no need for this at all. I mean a live version of Ruby Tuesday is hardly essential (even if it does drag in Ronnie Wood as a helper). And if you really wanted to hear them sing All I Have To Do Is Dream then you might need to get out more.

That said, we can only disucss the mertis of the compilation itself. And some of it is very good indeed. I started as a fan with 1995's Forgiven Not Forgotten but only the title track and some good old Irish nonesense in the form of Toss The Feathers make it onto this CD. Which is a shame as The Right Time was a wonderful slice of meoldic pop which may still rank as the best thing they've ever done.

1997's Talk On Corners is well represented, which is fair enough really as that is a superb album. However even by 1999's Unplugged album I was losing interest, although the version of Radio which is on this album is a good one and is miles better than the abomination that surfaced on 2000's In Blue. And to be honest that album's attempt to be American mainstream turned me off for good. The handful of tracks from both 2004's Borrowed Heaven and 2005's Home hardly change my mind.

And therein lies the problem. I suppose a fan who's stopped at In Blue might be tempted by this collection to check out what followed, but if they do they are sure to be disappointed. If your music collection has a Corrs-size hole in it which you desire to be filled , then, in my opinion, you would be better off with either their first greatest hits collection or getting Forgiven Not Forgotten and Talk On Corners. This is mere superfluous padding.

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