Monday, November 20, 2006

Single Releases 20/11/06

Well it's the moment that any woman from, what, 20 to 40 has been waiting for, the new single from Take That. It's ok (even though I still think it borrows from Nerina Pallot's patience) but is hardly the kind of thing that makes you think "boy am I glad they've come back. Still its not at all bad. And sometimes that is enough.

I mean, it's a whole lot better than Lemar isn't it? Look fella, I know you've got quite a good voice but doing dull songs like Someone Should Tell You isn't getting us anywhere is it?

And I mean it's better than that new one by The Feeling as well. I kind of fall in and out of love with The Feeling. And I Love It When You Call is one of those when I feel like falling out of love with them.

And as for Pink...well Nobody Knows isn't very good either.

And then we get to Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Hey Oh (Snow) (or is it Snow (Hey Oh)?) is ok, but not really anything special. Credit them for something a little different, yes, but this is still a bit dull.

I plain don't like Jet.

And what a surprise. The bloke from Faithless is moaning about war or whatever.

The Lostprophets return with their latest single this week too. As ever, once you get to the third single things go downhill slightly and Can't Catch Tomorrow is no exception.

JoJo returns with Too Little Too Late, which may well be the case. I don't care what you say though, that Leave (Get Out) tune she did was fantastic.

I've seen the 1990's live, and they were good, but nove even that quite prepared me for You're Supposed To Be My Friend...which is pretty bloody good actually.

I know this had been a bit brief this week, but I just can't get excited at all.

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