Monday, November 06, 2006

The Flaming Lips LIVE

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45 minutes. 45 BLOODY MINUTES. That's what it took me to drive the first two and a half miles of so of my journey to this concert. On a clear road I could get there and back in less than an hour. So if anyone from the traffic department of Wigan Council happens to read this...SORT F*CKING POOLSTOCK LANE OUT YOU SET OF WASTERS!!!!


Anyway, this time the Chippy was open. But young Alan learned a valuable lesson. If you want chips and two large sausage then ask for chips and two large sausage...not two large sausage and chips because then you end up getting two portions of one large sausage and chips. It's elementary stuff, but they're just not teaching the kids valuable stuff like this anymore.

Then it was a couple of pints off the German barmaid at that nice little pub around the corner from the Apollo and then into the venue. Nice balcony seats on Row B and it was time for another extravaganza from Wayne and the boys.

And...well it was as entertaining as ever. The only problem was that visually it was the same show I'd already seen earlier in the year, with pretty much the same set of songs (albeit in what I assume was a different order).

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but my "problems" with the show are pretty much the same ones I had back in April. Some of their songs (Race For The Prize, Yoshimi, She Don't Use Jelly etc.) are brilliant, but there does seem to be an awful lot of padding in a 90 minute (plus encore) show. Be it Mr Coyne's long-winded speech's about love, friendship and the evils of George W Bush or be it re-singing parts of songs over and over again you couldn't help get the feeling that the Flaming Lips are more about style than substance.

That's not to say that it wasn't an entertaining night, but it didn't differ substantially enough from what I'd seen before (although the encore of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was a most welcome touch)to make it special. So whilst I would still heartily reccommend the Flaming Lips as a "must-see" live act, I don't think they are neccessarily a band you need to see over and over again.

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