Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Very Best Of Volume 1 - Depeche Mode

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I know that the Christmas season is upon us, and I know there are always a lot of pointless and un-needed compliations foisted upon us. But this may be the most pointless of the lot.

You may already have the Catching Up With Depeche Mode album...or indeed it's repackaged The Singles 81>85 version. You may have the Singles 86>98 collection...or indeed the Singles 81>98 collection that combined the two. Maybe you have the singles box sets on your shelf...indeed you may have the American only compilation People Are People if you are a really hard-core Depeche Mode fan.

The point is of course that unless you have never heard of Depeche Mode before, or somehow only got around to buying their last two albums, there is nothing much on here that will suprise you (even the bonus DVD special edition contains video's you're able to get elsewhere) or really make you feel the need to buy it.

But luckily, and despite all the above, there is no doubting that what you do get is very, very good indeed and the collection proves that Depeche Mode have been, for the most part, a very consistent group indeed.

Early tracks such as See You and Everything Counts sit comfortably not only along side "mid-era" Mode tracks such as Enjoy The Silence and Personal Jesus but also along side 21st Century Mode efforts such as Precious and new track Martyr.

It's unlikely that any Depeche Mode fan would pick the same 18 tracks that you find on this collection, but that's merely an indication of just how good Depeche Mode have been over the years.

If you've only a curiousity about Depeche Mode and haven't got any of their records, then this obviously is a very good start. But be warned; if you like what you hear you'll have an awful lot of catching up to do afterwards.

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