Monday, November 13, 2006

Single Releases 13/11/06

Robbie Williams is back this week with Lovelight. It's his best single since Rock DJ. Yes, it's THAT good. And, well, yes...ok...some of his recent singles have been a bit crap as well. I still think it sounds like a George Michael tune though.

Justin Timberlake also releases the second single off his new album this week. But sadly My Love is every bit as dull and pointless as SexyBack was brilliant.

AND YET ANOTHER big superstar releases the second single of her new album this week; Christina Aguillera tells us she's Hurt, but to be honest love we could kind of tell that by the amount of vocal gymnastics you unneccesairily "treat" us to in this one.

A bit of proper glam is injected into proceedings by Betty Curse and The Girl With Yellow Hair. It's another fantastic one, no question, but me telling people to buy it doesn't seem to have had much effect on her chart placings, so maybe a bit of reverse psychology is required. Don't buy this......

Mambo by Helena Paparizou is one of those tracks that The Hits and The Box insist are smash hits as they implore us to spend £1.50 on a text message to request it. I just repeat my oft-used point; people who criticise the likes of Girls Aloud should be forced to listen to proper crap pop like this just to make them see the error of their ways.

I hate Snow Patrol. You should know that by now. But for once I thank them. I thank them for singing a song with Martha Wainwright and shooting a video where she looks very foxy. But Set The Fire To The Third Bar is still terrible.

A bunch of "credible" bands who don't sell many records yet also take the opportunity to remind us of their existance this week. First Love by the Macabees, Nag Nag Nag Nag by Art Brut and Man I Hate Your Band by Little Man Tate are all quite good. Ninteen by Forward Russia and Fashion Parade by Misty’s Big Adventure are less so. The Kerfuffle EP by Ladyfuzz though is rather brilliant indeed.

SHOCK HORROR!!!! Eminem hasn't really retired. But why Marshall did your big comeback have to be with Akon. Mind you, i'll give credit where credit is due. Smack That is at least 134 times better than anything Akon has ever done before.

Most pointless release of the week is the Stop The Clocks EP by Oasis...featuring 4 songs you already have. Still, the video for The Masterplan is one of the best of the year isn't it?

Orson seem to have hit the nail on the head with the title of their new one..."Already Over". I hope you're right boys!

Supposedly Emma Bunton's cover of Downtown is out this week. It is absolutely bloody dreadful.

And finally someone tells me Sybil (as in "When I'm, when I'm good and ready") releases a new song this week! But I can't find anywhere where I can listen to it...

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