Friday, August 15, 2008

Carter's Chord - Carter's Chord

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It was perhaps written in the stars that sisters Becky, Emily, and Joanna Robertson would end up in the music business; after all their parents Barny and Carter Robertson, both played in Waylon Jennings road band The Waylors in the 1970s. As you might guess then, this isn't a hip-hop record; the girls have followed their musical upbringing all the way to a good, if not great, debut album.

The three tier harmonies will certainly bring the Dixie Chicks to mind, but as of yet Carter's Chord don't show any signs of offending the Nashville market by going for a more polished, and dare I say it marketable, pop sound. Indeed it's a classic country sounding album all the way and whilst it may not show too much in the way of genuine originality (in common with a lot of modern Country records if we're being nasty) it is a well produced and catchy album that has more than enough highlights to keep most Country fans entertained.

Whether it be the, yes, Dixie Chicks sounding Young Love, the bluesy Song Of Love or the catchy Country-Pop of Boys Like You (Give Love a Bad Name) it's difficult to not tap your feet along to the catchy tunes and impressive harmonies. The best of the bunch may be Different Breed, even if it does remind this listener of Alannah Myles’ Black Velvet.

Whilst I may have bemoaned the lack of originality it's also true to say that this is a cut above the cookie-cutter sound of Nashville that some producers seem intent on serving us with. With their dad helping Toby Keith on the production, they've fashioned something that's both traditional and has unique character. A solid debut that hints at greater things to come.

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